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4. února 2021 v 10:16
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4. února 2021 v 09:38

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4. února 2021 v 08:48
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3. února 2021 v 09:36
Schmitz Nellie
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2. února 2021 v 17:14
And some may ask why did I keep going out with this fool? I was young and dumb and I think I thought that he'd stop asking. I'm sure Clinton stopped asking for blowjobs (some people even think BJs are kinky)...but he didn't lose the thirst for them...he just went elsewhere... Of course people do kinky in relationships and more power to them, but when I think back to my ex who couldn't stop waffling and hinting about all things kinky all the frickin time, I remember feeling distinctly uncomfortable, distinctly unappreciated and under pressure to be something that I'm not. I've heard many a tale of women who have started up a relationship with a guy and when their men have presented them with the request to do something kinky, they've balked, and either brushed it under the carpet and hoped it would go away or gone along with the request and felt resentful and/or like a complete tit. I guess if my ex or any of these guys discussed the expectations and got us to feel comfortable and treated us well in general before asking if they could do something more risque, who knows what kind of reception they would have got, depending on what it was (some stuff just never goes down well, excuse the pun). How do guys get to be such complete assclowns yet they still have the brass balls to ask if they can poo/wee on you, beat you or have another woman in the room?

If there is one thing I've learnt about kinky stuff, it's that a kinky guy needs a willing and kinky girl otherwise it will all go tits up. It's one thing if he puts in an occasional request but if you find yourself with someone that professes a great love of swinging, golden showers, pooing on coffee tables et al, they don't just stop wanting it and go back to holding hands and the missionary.

Fortunately I don't have to worry about arriving at a so called dinner party and having to have sex with a stranger or anything kinky right now, but I'm sure if it ever comes up, I'll be sure to be honest if it
2. února 2021 v 17:13
Just after Christmas 1998, I found myself standing rather conspicuously in a bar in Dublin wearing a skirt, a pair of sheer flesh coloured (it is the one time I have ever worn them and it was a sin) tights and a pair of those hooker shoes. You know those clear heel ones that have now become the staple uniform of anyone that ever wanted to wrap themselves and their vagina around a pole. Now you have to understand, I had these ridiculous shoes on ONCE ever and it was before they became de rigour with ladies of the night and they were given to me as a gift by Bee Gee (my ex boyfriend that had a penchant for dancing in ridiculous 70s style no matter what the music) who had seen them on his sister and very stupidly decided to give me the vomitous shoes. Bear in mind now that he and his sister were like that guy that Rachel dated that bathed with his sister (Bee Gee was sans the bath) but plenty of overdosing of public displays of affection and playfighting...anyway I digress...

I felt like a complete f*cking tool in this get up but I did it to please him and lasted 20 minutes in the bar and demanded to be taken home. They were consigned to the back of a drawer in my bedroom and each time I saw them, I would cringe and feel rather embarrassed that I had a boyfriend that wanted me to dress up like a I worked the streets. I feel even more embarrassed now as this guy was a complete assclown and didn't treat me very well, yet I did stupid stuff like this to keep the peace! This wasn't the only time in our dubious relationship where he tried to inject his brand of enthusiasm into things. He made a lot of wisecracks about threesomes (I declined) and he asked me to spank him a few times which had me in stitches laughing and cringing like a mofo refusing to do it, plus other requests which I have pushed to the deep recesses of my mind. This is the same guy that most suspected that he didn't go to Thailand for the sights and who dressed up in tights, boots and a weird corset
2. února 2021 v 17:13
I watched him in his tight jeans, cheap blue shirt and leather waist coat looking like a groupie for ZZ Top with his long hair and noted that he had on surgical rubber gloves. "Jaysus, I hope he hasn't got a dead body in the car.." I thought just as he stared at me before getting into the cab to drive it across the forecourt to the hose. I picked up the Telegraph (never read it normally) and pretended to read it whilst carrying out surveillance on the perp. "What the f*ck is that boy doing in the petrol station?" I fumed. Finally he returned a few moments later.

"How the hell could you just tell me that there is a murderer parked next to me and then just f*ck off and leave me here to be butchered?!" I roared at him.

He snickered. "Well...he looks like a murderer."

"So he hasn't been in the paper for killing someone?" I demanded and he stared at me amused.

"Oh no...but don't you think he looks like a murderer. I mean who goes around with rubber gloves and that outfit?"

Where the hell did I get my boyfriend from and do you think he smokes the same crack as my mother?

Speaking of which, my mother says to me about the house she has found "The fourth bedroom will be perfect for the grandchildren - They can have their own room." Huh?
2. února 2021 v 17:13
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2. února 2021 v 11:18
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2. února 2021 v 10:36
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